Corporate Mission

"Contribute to Society through our Business Activities"

We, the Takashima Group of Companies, contribute to society’s well-being by actively providing unique value-added solutions to our customers based on our original ideas and means. In doing so, we intend to grow and prosper together.

Corporate Value


We sincerely keep our promises and work positively with a humble and grateful attitude. We also enhance our credibility through compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct

"Autonomous, Innovative and Responsible"

We keep “Autonomous, Innovative and Responsible” as our code of conduct. We ceaselessly develop ourselves to be creative for further advancement and act responsibly with a challenging spirit and forward-looking attitude.


We command ourselves to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


We take initiative and make every effort to overcome difficulties.


We adapt ourselves to deliver the best results under all circumstances without blaming others.

Business Field

"Multifaceted Trading Company"

We are well versed in different specialized market sectors. We have the expertise to develop and provide value-added schemes according to our customers’ needs. We also actively strive to find and establish new businesses through our inventiveness and enterprising spirit.